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Manufacture for
Thermocouple Extension
And Compensating Wires,
Special Heating Cables

Over the past 30 years, YuChang E&C Co., LTD.
has been providing the highest quality extension and compensating cables to customers of various fields.
From plant industries (iron manufacture, chemical fibers, petroleum) to shipping and automobiles industries, YuChang E&C Co., LTD.
has made every effort to ensure the best flow of the heat and automatic controls.
As robotics and auto-controls marked major milestones in industrial growth, the importance of accurate temperature control has never been so emphasized.
Thus, YuChang E&C Co., LTD. promises to continue providing the best quality products as well as the best follow-up services to each customer.
The most trusted special cable maker since 1988

High Quality

We did our best to ensure smooth temperature control and automatic control in all areas of the heat-using industry.


To minimize environmental impact and ensure sustainable development, the company manages and operates environment-friendly tasks in all processes.

Safety Tested

Manufacturing and delivery are carried out by establishing a quality management and environmental system in accordance with the standard requirements of ISO 9001/ISO 14001.