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Mineral Insulated Heater

M.I Heater


MI cable heater is a tracing heater used for prevention of freezing and snow-meltings.

The maximum heater capacity for 1M is 125W and it is normally used for 60 to 80W.

This heater is mainly used in explosion proof areas and is used semi-permanent.

Material & Structure

① Material: SUS316, Incoloy840, Inconel600
② Insulation material: MGO (magnesium oxide)
③ Purposes: Frost protection, Snow melting, Semiconductor and etc.
④ Diameter : Ø2.3 ~, Ø6
⑤ Production length (width) : 5M to fit user environment

⑥ Operating temperature: SUS 540’C degrees, Incoroy 800’C degrees